Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hurray Airport; Boo USAir

Well, it's getting harder and harder for a maven to maintain his credibility. Just after I wrote my blistering attack on Richmond International Airport, I was called by the top dog at the same. He apologized for my baggage experience but told me that it was the airlines, rather than the airport, which handled baggage. He added that some of the carriers at RIA, to cut costs, are hiring low wage inexperienced people to unload their planes. He told me that many fliers, including some Chamber of Commerce types, are not happy with the services provided by the airlines.

Okay, so USAir, it was you that had me and my wife waiting at the airport until nearly 11:30 last night. We, and the many other passengers at the baggage carousel, are not happy with your service. Instead of concentrating all your efforts on gobbling up Delta, you need to start taking care of your customers. There are other airlines, you know.

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