Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Voice In The Wilderness

The House of Representatives passed the president’s economic stimulus package yesterday by a vote of 385 to 35. The plan is described as a 146 billion dollar package, although according to the Washington Post it will add 161 billion dollars to the economy this year and an additional 34 billion next year.
The president is now urging the Senate to climb on board the bandwagon and enact H.R. 1541 ASAP.

I find it interesting that among Virginia’s eleven House members three, all Republicans, voted against the bill. According to today's story in the TD, one of these three, Virgil Goode of the 5th congressional district, voted against the bill because it would increase the national debt.

In my entry, “Show Me The Money,” last week, I stated,

Wouldn’t it be great, dear reader, if one of the 435 representatives or 33 or 34 senators up for reelection stood up in either the House or Senate chamber and took a stand against increasing our debt by the amount of whatever this stimulus package is going to cost? What if s/he spoke and acted for fiscal responsibility? What if s/he made it clear that the Government should not spend money whenever the President and Congress feel like it, without considering whether, in fact, we actually have the money to spend?

Well, if the TD is correct, Virgil Goode has done what I wished for. He voted against the stimulus package because we can’t afford it. Virgil Goode has risen above party loyalty. He has even taken an unpopular stand that may cost him votes should he run for reelection this year.

I congratulate Representative Goode and award him the maven’s “Responsible Elected Official” award.

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