Wednesday, September 24, 2008

700 Billion Tax Hike To Pay For Bailout

Let’s just say, hypothetically of course, that the Republicans were fiscally responsible, rather than the borrow and spenders that they are. Let’s also say, as hard as it is to believe, that they just wouldn’t allow the government to spend money it didn’t have. If that were true, than President Bush’s bailout plan for Wall Street would include a $700 billion tax increase to pay for itself. I just wonder how much support there would be for the bailout if that were true.

Well, dear reader, the bailout proposal does contain that massive tax hike. It’s just being deferred for a few years. Like the other four or five trillion dollars in additional debt that the spendthrift Republicans have added to our national credit card since Mr. Bush took office, sooner or later somebody has to pay the piper. Since it won’t be them, our avoid-paying-taxes-at-all-costs leaders just don’t care. So what if they are crippling our grandchildren with an incomprehensibly big debt to pay for things they never used?

The next time you see those McCain-Palin ads that talk of Senator Obama and his liberal allies “promising” to raise our taxes, just remember that it is Senator McCain and his Republican allies that have raised our grandchildren’s taxes by trillions of dollars over the years. And ask Senator McCain how many of those deficit appropriations bills, which have increased our debt so dramatically, he voted against.

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Ethan said...

Very well put. They'll spend trillions of dollars unless it actually helps regular people. Wall Street bailout? "Yup." Health care? "Go back to France, pinko!"