Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey, I’m A Democrat

Thursday night, the Richmond City Democratic Committee endorsed this maven for the school board seat in the city’s fourth district. This brings me full circle to my early days of being a Democratic precinct captain in Brooklyn, USA. I don’t know if I hold the record for the political career with the longest interruption, but who cares. I would sure prefer running as a Democrat than as a candidate without a party. And, I’m proud to be running with all the rest of Virginia’s Democrats. Let’s get out there next Tuesday and put this country and city back on the right track.


RVA Foodie said...

Maven: Get your name on the Democratic Party sample ballots ASAP! (or make flyers identifying you as dem endorsed) Loads of people come to the poll to vote for Obama/Warner and they've got no clue who's running in the other races. If you don't do this, the other candidate's poll workers will twist the voters' arms when they'll often go with the "straight democratic ticket."

Anonymous said...

Agree with foodie here. Does the Richmond CDC put out their own ballots, staff the polls? If so, definitely talk to them and get you name on there.