Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TGIO—Thank Goodness It’s Over

The 2009 session of the Commonwealth’s General Assembly is over. The guys and gals representing us in Richmond did a few good things and a few bad things in the two months they spent working in our fair city. Mostly though, it was much ado about nothing. Yet our senators and delegates need to be lauded for going on the wagon during January and February. Yes, for what seemed to them like eons Virginia’s 140 went without sucking on the fund raising teat. For that they deserve a great huzzah!

Now they get the chance to get to get back to their addiction. Money, you know, is what allows our legislators to survive. All of them raise much more money than they need to get reelected. It allows them to supplement the meager amount we give them for staff and expenses. It allows them to buy influence with other legislators and others.

So, it’s back to fundraiser after fundraiser after fundraiser. And I’m glad. There is nothing more pitiful than a senator or delegate without a substantial balance in his or her campaign account. Thank goodness the assembly session is over!

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