Saturday, June 06, 2009

Henry Marsh Sure Plays a Mean Game of Chess

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing you have to admit. State Senator Henry Marsh is brilliant at playing chess on the political game board. For example, just this year Senator Marsh made these great moves*:

· Pawn to King 3 (Dwight Jones from House of Delegates to City Hall)
· Pawn to Queen 3 (Delores McQuinn from City Council to House of Delegates 70th District seat)
· Pawn to Jack 2 then to Knight 3 (Carlos Brown from Henrico County through 70th District to House of Delegates 69th District seat)
(Actually, we won’t see whether that last move is successful until after Tuesday’s primary election.)

Yes, dear reader, as long as the voters ratify Senator Marsh’s moves, he will be one hell of a chess player.

*My apology to real chess players.

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