Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Chutzpah Award For Bill Bolling

The TV ads being run by and for incumbent Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling tell of all the things Bill plans to do if he is reelected. But, wait a second. Isn’t Bill the incumbent? Why has he done none of these things during the last three and three quarter years serving as Lieutenant Governor?

He uses the motto “New Ideas for a Better Virginia.” I don’t understand, Bill. Did it take you nearly four years in office to suddenly come up with new ideas? Have you been doing nothing since the last election, Bill?

Bill has ideas to bring jobs to Virginia. Bill has proposals for boosting the economy. But apparently Bill’s ideas and proposals will only work in a second term.

For running an ad campaign which treats the voters of Virginia as idiots, the maven grants a chutzpah award to Bill Bolling.


Anonymous said...

It was hard for Bill Bolling to get anything done when our part-time governor Tim Kaine blocked every plan he had but that will NOT be the case over the next few years.

Roger Mc Cauley said...

Has the Maven forgotten that the Boss is a Democrat and may not be listening. Also, the Boss hasn't been in town that much in the last two years between campaigning for the Prez and his new other job at the Democratic Headquarters. In fact the Gov. has been so busy that he had to be reminded to spend the Stimulus money because Virginia is so far behind the rest of the country (only 16% spent).
Lastly, because the Gov. over estimated the revenue, there isn't even enough to run the gov't let alone add new programs. Keep up the good work.

NB I know nothing about Bolling, but the facts have to be taken seriously. In addition the Lt. Gov job is a nothing post to begin with.