Friday, October 20, 2006

Hello and Goodbye to George and George

My favorite incumbent U.S. president was in Richmond yesterday, tying up traffic, adding a pumpkin-worth of currency to the local economy, and raising many dollars more for the campaign war chest of my favorite junior senator. Not that Senator George really needs the money. He already has millions that he will bestow on our local media in exchange for the privilege of polluting our televisions with his ads. Senator George could do a lot more for the Virginia citizens he says he loves by just walking around the neighborhoods of Richmond and distributing money to everybody he sees.

In his speech, President George made it clear that, despite what everybody in the country seems to think, this election is not about him. That should be music to the ears of many Republican candidates around the country. Unfortunately, it won’t help Senator George very much.

Although George and George have made it clear that they are opposed to human cloning, their record during the nearly six years they have been in Washington makes me wonder. On almost every issue these two guys are as alike as any two of the thousands of acorns piling up in my backyard. Even their smirks are indistinguishable. And they are such rascally critters that I’m sure Dr. Seuss would refer to them as Thing One and Thing Two.

Thankfully, George and George have left Richmond. And, if my fellow Virginians do the right thing on Election Day, we will send Senator George back to California where he can find a less boring career. As for President George, at noon on January 20, 2009, we can be rid of him too.

Adieu sweet clones!

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