Friday, February 08, 2008

Hillary’s Loan

The news that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign cupboard was bare and that Senator Clinton had to loan five million dollars to her campaign left me with a couple of questions.

1- According to Senator Clinton’s December 31, 2007, disclosure statement filed with the Federal Election Commission her campaign had raised about one hundred five million dollars. Of that amount, the campaign had spent about seventy eight million dollars, leaving an end-of-year balance of about thirty eight million dollars. Less than six weeks later, her campaign had spent so much money that the senator had to loan it five million dollars of her own funds. So, if Senator Clinton did such a bad job controlling her campaign spending, why should we expect her to be any better in controlling government spending should she become president?

2- How exactly does a person who has spent the last sixteen years as a public servant (as First Lady and United States Senator) manage to accumulate so much money that she has five million dollars laying around to loan to her campaign? It seems like a lot of pocket change to me.

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