Monday, July 23, 2007

A reply to River City Rapids

Since you don't allow any comments on your blog (, I will have to write my comment on your July 23 post here.

It seems to me like the whole post was written by his Excellency the Mayor. I'm getting the impression that you think King Doug can do no wrong and that the City Council and the School Board are a bunch of thugs. It's amazing that Mr. Wilder has to fight with everybody in the city because he is always "right."

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Anonymous said...

I think the gover- er, mayor has a bit of a Napoleon complex, but I have to side with him when it comes to the school board. I have a huge problem with the way the board has (not) responded to the audit(s). I find it ironic that LDW has had a tantrum at the auditor because he's doing things his own way and not Doug's (go auditor guy!) but I hope he is eventually able to expose the schools' bad spending habits the way he has Fleet Services'.