Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why Helmet Laws are Necessary

I'm in Chicago, the windy city on Lake Michigan. My hotel is right near the waterfront so I thought I'd take a walk to the Navy Pier, an in town tourist attraction. (For those of you who live in River City, I think that the Navy Pier is bigger than the whole City of Richmond).

Well, I'm walking along the street enjoying the breeze (it's a good fifteen degrees cooler than central Virginia). Then I go off onto a bike trail that enters a park. As I'm walking I hear this loud squawking and then something is attacking my head. I try to shoo it off but it is very persistent. With all the squawking and pecking at my head I felt like Tippi Hedron in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." Finally, with enough of my yelling and swinging my arms and walking away from under the tree from whence the red winged blackbirds were attacking, I was able to escape the onslaught.

My head is hurting. I have been victimized. I'm not blaming the City of Chicago for this lack of hospitality shown by its avian population. But...

if I had been wearing a helmet, I would feel a whole lot better now.

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