Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can Too!

As I walked past the neighborhood playground yesterday I heard some toddlers arguing about whether this maven had the right stuff to be a politician. One child kept saying “Can not, can not,” while the other insisted “Can too, can too.” So, to solve this argument, let me issue the following statement:

I am responsible for nothing. All the problems in Richmond schools are the fault of the Republican President, the Democratic Congress, the Republican House of Delegates, the Democratic Governor, His Excellency Mayor Wilder, the inept City Council, the even inepter School Board, the Superintendent of Schools, the top-heavy school bureaucracy, school principals, teachers and parents. If you elect me, I will fix everything. It will be “Happy Days are Here Again,” “A Chicken in Every Pot,” and a 100% graduation rate. I will also single-handedly cut the property tax-rate by fifty cents. Poverty will be gone. We will all love each other. So, in November vote for your last best hope—ME!

And, to think that some little kid didn’t think I could be a politician!

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