Thursday, April 24, 2008

It’s Just Not Right

I don’t usually like to talk about my volunteer activities, but…

This morning I was tutoring a girl at a local Richmond school. She was very restless and had trouble paying attention. Then she started talking about lunch. I asked her if she had eaten breakfast. She said no, but she had eaten breakfast yesterday.

Dear reader, there is something lacking in a community that let’s its children go to school hungry. We expect our public schools to educate all our children, but no child can learn when her stomach is grumbling and all she can think of is food.

In my humble opinion, it’s just not right.

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Triathlonmom said...

RPS provides free breakfast for all of its students. Were you in a Richmond Public School? Had the parent delivered her to school late, so she missed it?
I'm grateful that RPS tries to prevent this, but providing a breakfast for free, but sometimes, if the parent brings the kid to school late, than it becomes more difficult. I do wish that the breakfasts that the provide didn't have so much sugar in them though.